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Me dot my netlace on. Dive me a peppermint. Grandad, shaking with laughter at this deep little wench, slowly transferred his stick to his left hand, which held the gate open, and slowly thrust his finger into the waistcoat pocket on which Totty had fixed her eyes with a confident look of expectation. And when they were all gone, the old man leaned on the gate again, watching them across the lane along the Home Close, and through the far gate, till they disappeared behind a bend in the hedge. For the hedgerows in those days shut out ones view, even on the better-managed farms; and this afternoon, the dog-roses were tossing out their pink wreaths, the nightshade was in its yellow and purple glory, the pale honeysuckle grew out of reach, peeping high up out of a holly bush, and over all an ash or a sycamore every now and then threw its shadow across the path. There were acquaintances at other gates who had to move aside and let them pass at the gate of the Home Close there was half the dairy of cows standing one behind the other, extremely slow to understand that their access denied mail mail phpnuke web web bodies might be in the way; at the far gate there was the mare holding her access denied mail mail phpnuke web web over the bars, and beside her the liver-coloured foal with its head towards its mothers flank, apparently still much embarrassed by its own straddling existence.
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